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Worth Not Knowing Where Knowington Is / Tod in ondod @ Ljubljana City Hall / Mestna hiša Ljubljana

21. 11. 2018 - 13. 12. 2018, Solo Exhibition

The main idea behind the project's title, which could be read as slightly dystopian absurdity, is the visual presentation of Europa as an ancient mythological figure and a counterpoint between the myth and the reality of the contemporary European’s life. The myth states, that Zeus was enamored of Europa (a beautiful young girl from Middle-East) and decided to seduce or ravish her. He transformed himself into a bull and while Europa and her helpers were gathering flowers, she saw the bull, and eventually got onto his back. Zeus ran to the sea and swam, with her on his back, to the island of Crete, and so forth… The project would also have an etymological context and artistic referential context. The etymological side would draw from the fact, that Greek word Europe contains the elements eurus (wide, broad) and ops/op-/opt- (eye, face, countenance), which could be freely translated as an all-seeing eye, which controls us all, with obvious relatedness to supervision and control.

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